Want to pay your bills by text?

Once you have registered, all you need to do is decide which payment to make and the credit/debit card you want to use.

Once you have selected the payment card you want to make a payment to, and the credit/debit card you wish the payment to be taken from, you simply grab your mobile phone and create a text message as shown below.

If you are experiencing any difficulties using the allpayments.text service, please contact us via email at enquiries@allpay.net


To use this service, customers must first register on the allpayments.text website, providing us with credit/debit card and payment card details.

They will then need to select a Text Code for each payment card and will automatically receive a Text Password for each credit/debit card they wish to use.


Once registered, customers receive a welcome text confirming that their registration has been accepted.

Customers then have access to their payment history so they can check whether payments have been accepted or not and will also be able to edit their personal information and passwords at the touch of a button.


Once confirmation of registration has been received the customer is free to text from anywhere they want.

For a nice and easy "How To" of the service you can click here.

The benefits of textpay


With a secure SSL 128bit encryption which is shown by the small padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your browser, this website will keep customers details safe.


After registering customers can pay their bills at any time and at any place providing ultimate flexibility and coverage.

Peace of mind

Customers are informed directly if their payment has been accepted and are also able to view their payment history, letting them know exactly what is going on through the whole process.


The online registration site also offers a homepage facility where customers can log in at any time to check or update their personal information.