Once you have registered, all you need to do is decide which payment to make and the credit/debit card you want to use.

Once you have selected the payment card you want to make a payment to, and the credit/debit card you wish the payment to be taken from, you simply grab your mobile phone and create a text message as shown below.

If you are experiencing any difficulties using the allpayments.text service, please contact us via email at


Your text message MUST ALWAYS start with the word "PAY" which can be in upper or lower case but must always be PAY.

This is the word which will tell us it is a payment. If this is not included the payment will be rejected.

Text Code

After the word "PAY", your text message must include one of the Text Codes that you have already registered to denote different types of payments.

You can check the Text Codes that you have registered by logging in to your allpayments.text homepage and viewing the Payment Cards that you have registered, each with its corresponding Text Code.

Your Payment Card is the card issued to you as an identifier by the organisation to whom you need to make payments. See some examples of Payment Cards below:


Your text message must include the amount of money that you wish to pay. This should be entered in an unambiguous way, composed solely from any combination of digits and the "£" symbol. Example: £5.00, £5 or just 5 to signify "five pounds".

Whole numbers will always be interpreted as whole pounds, ie: "6" will be interpreted as "six pounds". If you wish to enter an amount of pence, this must be entered as 2 digits following a decimal point, ie: "1.50" would signify "one pound and fifty pence" while "1.5" would be rejected as an incomplete amount.

Text Password

Your text message must include one of the Text Passwords that you have already registered with the allpayments.text service in order that we know which card you would like to pay with.

The Text Password is automatically allocated to each of your registered Credit/Debit cards by the allpayments.text service and comprises the last 4 digits of the card itself.

You can view the Credit/Debit cards that you have registered together with their corresponding Text Passwords on your allpay Text Payments homepage


Once you have finished composing your text message following the guidelines above, you simply need to send your message to 81025 to make your payment. You should receive a text message in reply, usually within 3 minutes, to tell you whether or not your payment has been made successfully.