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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – 26th September 2016

We are upgrading our Data Centre
On the 4th December 2016, allpay’s Data Centre infrastructure will be moving to a new home.
Established in 1994 and following several years of continued growth within the UK’s Bill Payments Sector including over £3million of investment into the companies infrastructure at our Head Offices in Hereford since 2014, the company is following through on our commitment of continued investment to improve and enhance our services to our customers.
Now processing over 60 million transactions and handling over £6billion each year, allpay is a leading technology business focusing on payment collection services and plastic card manufacturing. Growth markets, including central government, are driving the organisation’s expansion and has already won significant business providing payment collection services and card services which have prompted the upgrade. This will enable the company to stay abreast of its capacity needs; continue to give clients greater reliability and security; and also allow for new product offerings, some making their way as soon as the end of the year.
The move over to this fully managed and hosted, dual site Data Centre will also better position the company for long term growth.
As a result of the move, access to allpay’s payment systems will now need to connect via new IP addresses which have been sent to all affected clients ready for a seamless transition.
For any queries relating to changing over to the new IP addresses, please email us on: datacentrefaq@allpay.net.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact allpay’s Client Care team by calling 0844 557 8320
If you believe this change will affect your organisation and you do not believe you have received an email relating to this change then this message MUST be directed to your IT department or external supplier.
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